The Game


Voodudes is a third-person action game where you take control of Virgil, a voodoo doll on a quest to save the world of the living. The game takes place in New Orleans, the birthplace of voodoo and home to a powerful voodoo sorcerer named Baron Samedi.

In an effort to seize control over both the world of the living and the dead, Baron Samedi summons and traps the voodoo spirits to take their power for his own. Using the power of those spirits, Baron Samedi imbues his voodoo followers with fearsome powers and takes over New Orleans.

Only Virgil can combat the voodoo champions that stand in his way, and he must use all of the voodoo powers at his disposal. Play as Virgil as he travels along the streets of the French Quarter and into the world of the dead itself to free the spirits and restore balance to the world of voodoo.